Who drinks Circus Coffee you ask?  Some of the world’s most unique and talented people, that’s who.... 


Star Trek Enterprise bridge Crew
Stas is a world class juggler and comedian in the circus. He is discerning in his taste for comedy, music, and of course coffee.  Hailing from Russia, he says that the warmth of his daily Circus Coffee reminds him of the motherland.  Drink on my comrade, drink on.

Whilst traversing the galaxy Kirk and the bridge crew never fail to stop by the circus to stock up on fresh and tasty Circus Coffee.  There’s nothing worse than trying to fight off the Klingons when you have a nasty Andorian Ale hangover and the ship is out of coffee......Scotty, beam up some Circus Coffee!

Karen Eland

Coffee painter extraordinaire
Whilst toiling away at her coffee painting masterpieces, Karen sips away on her freshly roasted Circus Coffee.  She says that it gives her the creativity and energy to complete these masterworks, each comprising of millions upon millions of brush strokes.....that’s A LOT of coffee.  Keep on painting and keep on sipping my artist friend, for Circus Coffee will never let you down....

Tom is a dear friend and fellow Ducati motorcycle aficionado.  Not only does have good taste in bikes but coffee too, and when he reaches for something to inspire his inner clown for an llAM circus show, it’s gotta be Circus Coffee.  I raise my mug to you my brilliant friend...



Stevie Caveagna

Stevie hails from Italy, and if anyone knows about good coffee, it is someone from the motherland of espresso.  He calls Circus Coffee the “King of Cappuccino” and says that it gives  him the energy to be funny.  Imagine that...funny coffee, and just when you thought Circus Coffee couldn’t get any better! bottoms up...