What is Circus Coffee?!


Coffee is a way of life. Starting as podcast/search for quality coffee, turned hobby, turned passion, Circus Coffee roasts its own coffee and serves that coffee in the form of espresso drinks to the circus performers/staff from around the world.  It is an anomaly, a one-of-a-kind phenomenon, a white buffalo of the coffee world and it exists to bring better coffee to the circus life-style and spread quality coffee where ever the circus may roam.

My Life

RoastMaster & Barista
Name: Nathan Slabaugh
Born: Michigan, USA
Coffee Heros: David Schomer, James Hoffman, Peter Giuliano, Tom Owens, Jeff Taylor
Favorite Coffee: Isn’t that like picking a favorite child?
Favorite Drink: straight up double ristretto
Favorite coffee/food pairing: A washed Sumatran and a slice of home-made carrot cake